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I am sharing some of my photography with the public, and you can use them for personal use. If you would, please share links back to this site, as it would be greatly appreciated. If you want to give credit to Ocean1111, or Oceansnsunsets, that would be great, but is not necessary. It just makes me happy to share these pictures with you. (This probably goes without saying...but please don't take personal credit for any of these photos. Thank you.) I (as well as some friends of mine) have found that its hard to find copyright free photos on the internet for personal use. So hopefully this helps you have a resource you can come back to, for your personal photo needs. I am glad you stopped by, and please come again. Bookmark this page to make it easy to find, if you like.

I also have a redbubble account, where you can view some more of my photos if you care to see those.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know, and thank you for passing on the word and stopping by my photo blog. Enjoy :)


  1. HI: I love to look at beautiful pictures and art.Thanks for sharing.bless you

  2. Hello pcannie, thank you, and I am happy to share them. :) Come by anytime, always adding more.


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